Information for vehicle owners on the Takata air bag recalls 

NHTSA is demanding a national recall of vehicles with certain driver’s-side frontal air bags made by Takata. Automakers and Takata have not acted. Until they do, NHTSA is not able to identify all of the vehicles involved. As new information becomes available from the automakers, NHTSA will immediately alert the American public. Consumers should continue to periodically check their vehicle identification number (VIN) for any open recalls.

What should I do if I already received a recall notice?

NHTSA’s guidance for owners who have already received their recall letters from the manufacturers is to take action. If parts are not yet available, owners should contact their manufacturer for interim guidance on steps they can take to keep themselves and their occupants safe and should get their vehicle fixed as soon as parts are available.

What should I do if I haven’t received my notice?

Owners who have not yet received recall letters are encouraged to periodically look up their VIN to see if they are part of the national or regional recall. If so, owners should follow up with the manufacturer to get interim guidance and get their vehicle fixed.

Will I receive a recall notice from the manufacturer if my car is part of the recall?


Why do I have to check my VIN periodically?

It’s important to check periodically because it’s possible your VIN might not be entered into manufacturer’s system the same week the recall is first announced. It’s also a good habit to check for recalls and should be considered part of routine maintenance for your vehicle.