2010 Audi S6 4-DR. w/SAB

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The 5-Star Safety Ratings Program encourages manufacturers to design safer vehicles by giving them safety ratings that can be used by consumers to compare vehicles when shopping for a new car.

frontal crash
Driver Side
Not Rated
Passenger Side
Not Rated
side crash
Driver Side
Not Rated
Passenger Side
Not Rated
rollover crash
Not Rated
Not Rated
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Service Bulletins


Service Bulletins

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Seat Belts and Head Restraints
  • Dynamic Head Restraint: Not Available
  • Head Restraints: Not Available
  • Advanced Belt Feature: Not Available
  • Adjustable Upper Belt Anchorage: Not Available
  • Seat Belt Reminder System : Driver
Air Bags
  • Frontal Air Bag: Driver, Front Passenger
  • Curtain: Driver, Front Passenger, Rear Seat
  • Torso: Driver, Front Passenger
  • Knee: Not Available
  • Additional Air Bags: Not Available
  • Meets Side Air Bag Out-of-Position Requirements: Yes question mark icon
Child Passenger Features
  • LATCH Locations: Rear Seat
  • Safety Power Windows (Anti-Pinch): Standard
  • Safety Power Windows (Anti-Pinch) locations: Driver, Front Passenger, Rear Seat
  • Frontal Crash (Not Rated)

  • Side Crash (Not Rated)

  • Rollover (Not Rated)

This vehicle has not been rated.
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