Back-to-School Bus Safety
Do’s and Don’ts
  • Get to the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to
  • When the bus approaches, stand at least three giant steps (6 feet) away
    from the curb, and line up away from the street.
  • Wait until the bus stops, the door opens, and the driver says it's okay to
    step onto the bus.
  • If you have to cross the street in front of the bus, walk on the sidewalk or
    along the side of the road to a point at least five giant steps (10 feet) ahead of the bus before you cross. Be sure that the bus driver can see you, and you can see the bus driver.
  • Use the handrails – that’s what they’re there for. Be careful that backpack straps and clothes with drawstrings don't get caught in the handrails or doors.
  • Walk at least five giant steps (10 feet) away from the side of the bus.
  • Never walk behind the bus.
  • If you drop something near the bus, tell the bus driver. Never try to pick it up because the driver may not be able to see you.

Resources for Parents


Tips to Increase Your Child’s School Bus Safety

Your child's biggest risk isn’t riding the bus – it’s approaching or leaving it. Here’s a guide for parents (PDF 541.19 KB).


Seat Belts on School Buses

Wonder why school buses don't have seat belts?  Learn how school buses are designed for safety and how they fare in comparison to other motor vehicles.


Riding the Bus Web Page

Here are practical steps to ensure your child’s safety, from arriving at the bus stop to returning from school.


NHTSA School Buses Web Page

For additional information on school bus safety, visit NHTSA’s school buses Web page.


Resources for Children


Learn Safety Rules

Safety rules for getting on and off the bus (PDF 417.61 KB).


Gus’ Get to School (and Back Again) Safely

Board game rules (PDF 1.08 MB): Be the first to get home at the end of the day; just start out at school and pick the best way!


“Gus the Bus” Safety Song

School bus safety song (PDF 391.66 KB) and other handouts.


Activity Book

Traffic safety booklet (PDF 3.12 MB) with hands-on activities for you and your child to learn how to get to school and back safely.