Back-to-School Pedestrian Safety
Did You Know…
  • The majority of fatal crashes among young pedestrians occur between
    noon and 8 pm at non-intersection locations.
  • Most young pedestrian fatalities are boys.



Make sure your child knows the facts. Here are some myths they might believe:


MYTH - A green light means it’s safe to cross.

FACT - A green light means you should stop and search for cars. Before you step
off the curb, look LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT for traffic, and cross ONLY if it is safe to do so,
looking left and right. Watch out for cars making right turns on red.


MYTH - A green light means it’s safe to cross.

FACT - A crosswalk is the designated place to cross the street, and drivers should expect to see pedestrians there. Before you cross: STOP at the curb and look LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT for cars. When it is clear, cross and keep looking left and right for cars.


MYTH - If you see the driver, the driver sees you.

FACT - The driver may not see you. Make sure the driver stops before you cross the street.



Resources for Parents


Choose Safer Walking and Bicycling Routes

Find out the 10 characteristics of a safe route (PDF 322.39 KB) for walking and biking.


Walkability Checklist

Take your child on a walk to school using this Walkability Checklist (PDF 237.66 KB) (also in Spanish Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and Chinese) to decide how pedestrian-friendly your neighborhood is. Once you’ve rated your community, discover how you can improve your community’s score. There are plenty of ways to make changes for the better.


Safe Routes to School Guide

Ever heard of a “walking school bus”? Want to improve the student drop-off and pick-up process at your child’s school? Safe Routes to School Guide offers creative and informative solutions to ensure the safety and efficiency of your child’s route to school.


Tips to Increase Your Child’s Pedestrian Safety

Children 10 and younger do not have the skill sets to manage traffic situations by themselves. Learn why young pedestrians are vulnerable and what you can do to guide and protect them in this child pedestrian tip sheet (PDF 543.17 KB).


Teaching Children to Walk Safely as They Grow and Develop

This comprehensive guide will help you understand children’s growth and developmental stages to match your guidance with their abilities.


NHTSA Pedestrians Web Page

For additional information on pedestrian safety, visit NHTSA’s Pedestrians Web page


Resources for Children


Let’s Be Careful Crossing the Street

Coloring sheet (PDF 125.32 KB) for children 10 and younger.


Walking Safely to Your School

Fun children’s song (PDF 232.95 KB) to the tune “50 Ways to Leave…”


Pedestrian March

Lively march (PDF 188.20 KB) to keep your children safely in step.


A Secret Message

Educational game (PDF 152.91 KB) that spells out the message of safety.


Getting to School Safely

Helpful tip sheet on walking and crossing the street safely (PDF 339.64 KB).