Global Youth Traffic Safety Month
Global Youth Traffic Safety Month empowers youth to develop and lead traffic safety education projects, support law enforcement, and affect legislation to protect teen drivers. Join the collaborative power of youth to create change and save lives!
What can you do?
  • PARTNER to promote youth road safety
  • READ Senate Resolution 441 expressing support for the
    designation of May 2012 as National Youth Traffic Safety Month
  • ADVOCATE for “Stop the texts. Stop the wrecks.”
  • FRIEND NOYS on Facebook




    In 1994 NHTSA founded the National Organizations for Youth
    Safety (NOYS), a coalition of national organizations, business
    and industry leaders, and federal agencies who serve youth and
    focus on youth safety and health.


    Together, NHTSA and NOYS have developed several resources
    including UnderYOURInfluence, a website and e-newsletter for
    parents of teen drivers. It contains information on seat belts,
    Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws, and underage drinking, plus tips on how to build and sustain a strong parent-teen driver relationship.


    Additionally, NHTSA and NOYS have partnered to create YOUTH-Turn, a toolkit helping teens and young adults turn adversity into educational and constructive opportunities; and Make Your Parties Rock, a guide to safe and sober event planning.


    Today NOYS influences more than 80 million young people and their adult advisors. Its mission is to promote youth empowerment and leadership, and build partnerships that save lives, prevent injuries, and enhance safe and healthy lifestyles among all youth.