Even a
great parent
can forget.

Children's body temperatures
can rise up to five times faster
than that of an adult.

Heatstroke can happen
when outside temperatures
are as low as 57 degrees!

With temperatures in
the 60s, your car can heat to
well above 110 degrees!


You live by your daily routine and it helps you get things done. Be extra careful, though, if you have to change any part of that routine. This is more likely to happen when you, your spouse/partner, or caregiver who helps with your children, forgets that your child is in the back seat.

Disaster Happens Quickly

At other times, you are on your way home and realize you need to stop in at the store and pick up one or two things for dinner. So, you leave your child unattended, thinking, "I'll just run into the store for a minute," which is illegal in many States. Even cool temperatures in the 60s can cause the temperature to rise well above 110 degrees Fahrenheit inside your car. The inside temperature can rise almost 20 degrees within the first 10 minutes.

Prevention Tips

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