Pregnant Women 

The combination of seat belts and air bags offers the best level of protection to pregnant women, just as it does for other adults. Moreover, pregnant women should follow the same basic air bag safety precautions as other adults: maintain a proper seating position, move the seat as far back as possible, and ensure they are properly belted - every trip, every time.

When buckling up, a pregnant woman should take care to:

  • NEVER place the lap belt above or on the belly.
  • Adjust the lap belt across the hips/pelvis - below the belly.
  • Place the shoulder belt across the chest (between the breasts) and away from the neck.
  • Never place the shoulder belt behind the back or under an arm.

Women late in pregnancy may not be able to position their abdomens away from the steering wheel as easily as women in earlier stages. If the vehicle has a tilt steering wheel, pregnant women should make sure the steering wheel is tilted toward the breastbone, not the abdomen or the head.