Crash Test Reports 

There are three ways to get more detailed information on crash and rollover tests:
  1. Via the U.S. DOT’s docket management system. Vehicle crash test reports from 1999 to present, and details of rollover ratings from 2001 to present, can be downloaded from the DOT docket at

    • For detailed rollover rating reports (2001 to present): NHTSA-2000-8298
    • For detailed frontal NCAP crash test reports (1999 to present): NHTSA-1999-4962
    • For detailed side NCAP crash test reports (1999 to present): NHTSA-1998-3835

  2. Via NHTSA’s Research and Development web page by clicking HERE. The Vehicle Crash Test Database contains engineering data measured for several NHTSA program offices involved in crash testing vehicles, including Research, the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), as well as Compliance. To view NCAP crash test data, ensure your search is limited to New Car Assessment Tests.

  3. Via the National Crash Analysis Center (NCAC). For a fee, all of NHTSA’s NCAP vehicle test reports and high speed films are available from George Washington University’s National Crash Analysis Center Library, Suite 203, 20101 Academic Way, Ashburn, VA 22011. Phone (703) 726-8236. Fax (703)726-8358.