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Never give up until they buckle up.
Tweens are children ages 8 to 14
Make sure your tween is always buckled up. Learn when to transition your child out of the booster seat to a seat belt and find out how it should properly fit. As your child grows, you may face challenges enforcing seat belt safety. Follow these pointers—from setting the example by buckling up to making sure all children under 13 ride in the back seat—for maximum safety.

Remember: Never give up until they buckle up!

When Is My Child Ready for an Adult Seat Belt?
Find out when to transition your child from a booster seat to an adult seat belt and watch this video demonstrating the proper seat belt fit.
You’re the #1 Influence: Make Sure Your Tween is Properly Buckled Up the Whole Ride, Every Time
Learn how you influence your child’s seat belt safety and what you can do to make sure your child is properly buckled up every time.
Tween Seat Belt Safety—It’s Non-Negotiable
Learn what keeps tweens from wearing their seat belts and keeping them on.
Tips to Motivate Your Tweens to Buckle Up
Inspire your kids with age-appropriate messages to buckle up and stay buckled up the whole ride, every time.